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Brittany has a wide range of experience working with children and teens. Her experiences spans implementing behavioral modification strategies with youth residing inside in-patient mental health facilities. She has collaborated with high-risk children, teens and their families as they access crisis services and helped support family preservation during crisis. Brittany enjoys supporting kiddos with the emotional complexities of the foster-care or adoption system. Additionally, for her clients with developmental differences or sensory disorder, Brittany incorporates fidgets, play therapy or art therapy.


"When working with children and teens, I love to help them explore and identify how they can achieve their "next best." I do this by providing them with an environment where they can feel comfortable. While I enjoy working with the whole family, often times youth need a little space to process. Sometimes, this means doing therapy with just them for a while. Once they are ready I help them with communicating their needs in healthy ways to their family."  


What to expect:

- Goal Setting

- Family Involvement when Appropriate

- Exploring Feelings

- Play Therapy

- Casual and Safe Environment

- Fidgets


Child and Teen 
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